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Please implement a graph database.

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Please implement a graph database (a kind of NoSQL). This graph database
should consist of nodes (with have properties) for entities and edges (which
have single or multiple properties and can be directional or bidirectional) for
relationships, and support node indexing and query. The query language has
following keywords: START, MATCH, WHERE, RETURN, ORDER BY,
Example Input:
Node martin = graphDB.createNode();
martin.setProperty(“name”, “Martin”);
Node pramod = graphDB.createNode();
pramod.setProperty(“name”, “Pramod”);
Node barbara = graphDB.createNode();
pramod.setProperty(“name”, “Barbara”);
martin.createRelationshipTo(pramod, FRIEND, since = 1998);
pramod.createRelationshipTo(martin, FRIEND, since = 1998);
martin.createRelationshipTo(barbara, FRIEND);
barbara.createRelationshipTo(martin, FRIEND);
START node = Node:nodeIndex(name = “Barbara”)
MATCH path = node-[relation*1..3]->related_node
WHERE type(relation) = ‘FRIEND’
RETURN related_node.name, length(path), relation.since;
asked Feb 22, 2014 in Education by swetha (180 points)

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It looks like a complex problem. But still you can try to create something like this-

answered Feb 23, 2014 by king2014 (640 points)