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Paintings Gallery: Create a “Paiting.java”, class with fields for title, artist, medium(ex. Watercolor), price and gallery commission. Create a constructor that initializes each field to an appropriate default value, and create instance methods that get and set the fields for title ,artist, medium and price. Gallery commission  is  20% , calculated internally, hence cannot be set from outside. Create a class named TestPainting whose main() method declares three Painting items. Create a method that prompts the user for and accepts values for two of the Painting objects, and leave the third with the default values supplied by the constructor. Then display each completed object. Finally display a message that explains the gallery commission rate. Save the application as ‘TestPaiting.java’
asked Jun 19, 2014 in Education by swetha (180 points)

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This is the best tutorial I found to learn Java.


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answered Jul 1, 2014 by Naveen (180 points)