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About PAQ book

Welcome to PAQ book

PAQ book is a "Post A Question Book"

A question and answer site for life in abroad.
Anybody can ask questions, post or receive answers

Here's how:
    Ask questions, Get answers, No unrelated
    This site is all about getting answers.
    It's not a discussion forum. There's no chat.
    Simply Post Questions-Get answers-Vote.
    Good answers are voted up and rise to the top.

*The best answers show up first so that they are always easy to find.
Ask question and get answers to practical, detailed problems.
Focus on questions about an actual problem you have faced. Include details about what you have tried and exactly what you are trying to do.

Any Question related to Abroad life...
*Avoid questions that are primarily opinion-based, or that are likely to generate discussion rather than answers.
Questions that need improvement may be closed until someone fixes them.

Don't ask or answer about......
    Product or service recommendations or comparisons
    Requests for lists of things, polls, opinions, discussions, etc.
    Anything not directly related to the students.

Tags make it easy to find interesting questions.
All questions are tagged with their related subject areas. Each can any number of tags.
Click any tag to see a list of questions with that tag, or go to the tag list to browse for topics that interest you.
You earn points when people vote on your posts.
Your points score goes up when others vote up your questions, answers.
Points      Privilege
20         Vote up
10         Vote down
At the highest levels, you'll be able to get gift card and also work alongside our community moderators to keep the site focused and helpful.
25000      Access for moderation
Our goal is to have the best answers to every question.
Use edits to fix mistakes, improve formatting, or clarify the meaning of a post.
Use comments to ask for more information or clarify a question or answer.
You can always comment on your own questions and answers.
*We're all here to help, so be friendly and helpful through your answers!
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